Corporate Services

If you are a progressive company looking to create a corporate culture where your staff’s wellbeing matters and you invest in the performance of your leadership team – I am here for that.

Corporate Workshops

I offer corporate workshops that can be tailored to your requirements. I design all my workshops to be lively and engaging. I aim to wake up, engage, and inspire whomever I’m working with. Some favourite topics include:

  • The neuroscience of stress and success
  • Learn how to master the imposter syndrome and silence your inner critic
  • Build your impact, presence and authority
  • Enhance productivity through mindfulness at work

Workshops can help to foster a feeling of calm, clarity and concentration for your staff, focusing on how we can change our reaction to stress, enhance resilience and improving interpersonal relations and communication.

Practical and interactive, with the content focused on work related goals and issues, we aim to teach techniques to improve confidence, goal setting and performance, managing stress and creating a positive mindset.

Leadership Wellbeing & Mindset Coaching

I work with your top level team to improve leadership performance and development while taking into account how all areas of our lives impact overall well-being and success.

As an executive wellbeing coach, I empower leaders to fulfill their highest business, personal, and social potential through sustainable mindset and behavior change.

Executive leadership requires that you raise your game, and continue raising it. As great athletes do not hesitate to lean on coaches and trainers in order to stay on top, it is a mark of strength and wisdom for a leader to seek independent guidance and advice.

CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, founders, and business leaders gain tremendous value from working directly with me in a personalised and focused programme tailored to their needs.

For more information contact me directly at, by phone on 07813 251 152, or using the form below.

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