The Empowered Entrepreneur: Wellbeing and Mindset Mastery coaching

The Empowered Entrepreneur

 What is ‘The Empowered Entrepreneur’?

The Empowered Entrepreneur is a program of personal coaching tailored uniquely to you and your needs as an entrepreneur. It is designed to teach you how to master your mindset, improving your mental and physical wellbeing, overcoming limiting beliefs, creating confidence, tapping into powerful innate resources, and boosting mental clarity. It is about creating the best possible version of you so that you can go out there and kill it with your business while also enjoying fulfillment in your personal life.

The Empowered Entrepreneur consists of my committed personal support to you throughout the duration of our contract, through:

  • one-to-one video calls*
  • laser coaching between sessions
  • bespoke one-of-a-kind hypnosis recordings
  • audio and visual resource material
  • unlimited email and text support
  • support, support and more support
  • surprise gifts (’cause who doesn’t love those!)

* By arrangement, sessions can be held face-to-face in Colchester at no extra investment, or in London for an increase in the investment.

 The Three Stage System

The Empowered Entrepreneur programme consists of three stages.
These are:



In the first stage, we get crystal clear on where you’re at in your life right now. We’ll uncover your strengths, capabilities and values that have got you there, as well as the core beliefs that are holding you in place and preventing you from reaching your dreams and goals in life.

Following on from this we’ll build a detailed and compelling blueprint of the you that you want to become, so that we can begin to harness the power of your subconscious mind to make it happen.


Once we’ve identified the deep structure, core beliefs that are keeping you where you are, then we can begin to release and transform them.

This might mean releasing traumatic memories and life events that have, up until now, been informing the way you view the world. It is also about releasing the beliefs, messages and conditioning that is at the foundation of your challenges in living the life that you want to live right now.

And the truth is, intellectual understanding of your core limiting beliefs isn’t enough to break free from the patterns of self-sabotage. We can’t get rid of them through willpower alone – if we could, we’d all be flawless individuals! So, as we can’t get rid of them on our own, we tend to suppress them, or we get overwhelmed by them or we just keep replaying the same old painful patterns again and again.

This is the part of this process that’s the hardest to do alone. Which is why I’m here to do it with you. Because we have some dark stuff inside us that can be scary to face. And I have many years of experience working directly with the shadows inside us, using a blend of hypnosis, NLP, positive psychology and other healing modalities, I can guide you through the process of letting go of old emotional baggage, and give you the practical tools to handle negative emotion before it handles you.


The third part of this process is to upgrade the software in our brain, by integrating all the work that we’ve been doing together into a new operating system.

There’s a saying in neuroscience: “Neurons that fire together, wire together”. And what we can understand from that is that you have had those habitual thoughts about yourself firing for so long now, that it’s easy for the brain to think those thoughts at lightning speed. To ask it to think “I’m enough” or “I can achieve anything”, or whatever it is that you now need to believe about yourself and the world if you’re going to achieve your goals is a big ask, because those neurons haven’t been wired together for twenty, or thirty, or fifty years.

In order to change your core beliefs so that you can live a more fulfilling life, we have got to rewire your brain to deactivate the old neural pathways, modify them, and create new ones.

And this can take time. But the wonderful thing is, that it is totally possible no matter how old you are. This goes back to the theory of neuroplasticity. Our brains have the ability to rewire and reorganise at any age. And the quickest way to do that, based on scientifically validated research and my own experience of creating positive, permanent change in my clients lives, is to influence your mind through the state of hypnosis, and utilising powerful approaches like NLP, deep relaxation, creative visualisation, ‘tapping’ and other integration techniques.

All it takes is to start training the brain to make subtle changes, that over time create profound change in your life.

* These steps may not run in a linear fashion, as I work fluidly and intuitively with my clients, so that we can work at your pace and in a way that will bring you the change you desire in the most effective way.

 Why I created ‘The Empowered Entrepreneur’?

Because I believe that entrepreneurs and business owners allow their mental wellbeing and personal lives to suffer in the pursuit of professional success.

And this results in poorer business performance.

We are fed the message that working harder, for longer hours, doing more, chasing faster and building our businesses as quickly and as aggressively as possible is the way to win.

We tie our sense of identity and self worth up with the success of our business, failing to prioritize our self-care.

But when we fail to prioritize our self-care, we are poorer at dealing with stress, which develops into anxiety and can then progress into burnout and depression.

This leads to poorer decision-making capability, which can cause businesses to fail.

Not to mention that the divorce rate for entrepreneurs is up to 10% higher than the national average in the USA, and entrepreneurs are more than four times as likely to experience depression.

My Mission

It is my mission to help entrepreneurs and creative visionaries to step back into their personal power. This means you can

  • Regain your sense of personal identity outside of work
  • Re-align your sense of self-worth with your own personal values
  • Experience greater mental wellbeing
  • Deal with stress and anxiety positively
  • Avoid burnout and depression
  • Improve your relationship with your family and friends
  • Be a better, more present role-model to your children
  • Have greater clarity and confidence
  • Improve your decision-making abilities
  • Achieve your business goals without compromising your mental or physical health
  • Be happier a happier, nice person to be around

Because burnt-out, grumpy, unhealthy, stress-heads ‘aint gonna bring home the bacon!

(And you might find yourself divorced, only seeing your kids at weekends, with no friends, no social life, living a life of misery and regret… you get the picture!)

 What results can you expect?*

My clients all have different goals, so their results are all unique.

In general, though, you can expect to feel calmer, more content, happier, more productive, more fulfilled, lighter, more peaceful and with more freedom. You can expect to feel less stressed, less anxious, less concerned about the future, less desperate, less self-loathing and less fearful.

You can expect a happier relationship with your partner, greater connection with your children, and a deeper sense of pleasure in your existence.

You can expect to have new perspectives on challenges, clarity in your decision making, more confidence, and healthier mental and physical wellbeing.

*Individual results will vary.

 Who is ‘The Empowered Entrepreneur’ for?

The Empowered Entrepreneur is for the entrepreneur who has the self-awareness to realize that working harder, longer and faster is not making them happier or more successful.

It is for any business owner who is struggling to balance their work and personal life, and is ready to tackle that imbalance from within.

It is for any self-employed visionary who is committed to becoming the best version of themselves, so that they can enjoy a sense of identity outside of their work while simultaneously seeing their business to blossom and grow exponentially.

It is for company founder whose relationship is teetering on the edge of divorce and is ready to save it.

It is for the solopreneur who never sees their kids and lives with the guilt of not being the role-model they want to be.

It is for the entrepreneur who knows that there are things in their subconscious that keep them playing small, when their dream is to play big.

It is for the entrepreneur who is in love with their business but is suffering from stress and knows that something has to change.

It is for the business owner who has been so focused on their work that they’ve lost touch with who they are beyond that.

It is for any entrepreneur willing to do the work on themselves that it takes, to have the life they dreamed of when they first decided to be their own boss.

 Who isn’t ‘The Empowered Entrepreneur’ for?

The Empowered Entrepreneur isn’t for people who are looking for a quick fix, for someone else to do all the hard work for them.

It isn’t for those who aren’t prepared to go deep into the root causes of the issues that are holding them back.

The Empowered Entrepreneur isn’t a business mentorship programme. While I have a fair bit of business savvy, that’s not my area of expertise.

The Empowered Entrepreneur isn’t a hand-holding service. This is about YOU stepping into YOUR power, with me as a guide.

What working with me is like

 It is my passion to support entrepreneurs like you, so that you can get better results in your personal and professional life. Working with me results in a calmer, more confident, happier and more successful version of you.

Our work empowers you to overcome your fears, doubts and insecurities.

Our work leads to breakthroughs in your business and fulfillment in your life.

Together we can bring back the spark and the passion that you felt when you first started your business and bring greater enjoyment and contentment to your everyday life.

Why me?

I’ve spent the best part of the last ten years working deeply with hundreds of clients teaching them to master their mindset to lead more fulfilling lives.

I have spent thousands of hours (and dollars!) investing in my own education into the way the human brain works and how to harness its potential to improve our experience of life.

Watch this short video about the importance of choosing a mindset coach carefully, and why not just anyone who calls themselves a mindset coach is fit for the job.

This is how it works

We meet regularly via Skype or Zoom, or over the phone if that’s all that you’ve got available to you at the time.

We begin with a detailed deep-dive into where you’re at personally and professionally. We’ll be looking at every area of your life, finding your frustrations as well as uncovering your capabilities.

Together we agree on the outcomes that will make the biggest impact on your life. This isn’t just about being more successful at business though. This is about being more successful at life.

Then the fun begins. You’ll learn about how the brain really works, and why most mindset coaches are going about it all wrong. You’ll learn why YOUR brain is sabotaging your success, and how YOU can reprogram it.

There’s a structure and a system that we follow, to get the greatest results in the shortest time. However you can bring to the program whatever is challenging, no matter how big or small that is.

We can tackle the deep stuff that you’ve left buried at the bottom of your psyche, or we can work on the day-to-day difficulties of being your own boss.

You receive the support you need, while actively working towards resolving the issue in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment.

I might set you some tasks to do between sessions, designed to open you up to new ways of thinking, different perspectives and greater clarity. There will be homework.

You’ll receive bespoke hypnotherapy and guided meditation MP3s to consolidate and support the work we are doing in session.

I may even whip out the tarot cards for a quick hit of insight and inspiration, but if that’s not your bag then I’ll keep them in the drawer.

We track progress where necessary, and keep an open line of honest and respectful communication between each other so that we can stay on track and ensure we are best serving your needs.

What’s in my toolbox

I have been coaching and practicing therapy for more than six years, during which time I have consistently kept up my professional development and participated in courses and workshops to further my skills and deepen my understanding of my clients’ needs.

I make use of whatever I know will serve my client best.

My main tools that I use for lasting results are Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Positive Psychology. Alongside these incredible tools for change, I am also qualified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Integration (EMDR/EMI) and Mindfulness, and draw heavily on the research and findings of Neuroscience. Besides all of that, my intuition is pretty hot too.

You can read a little more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Positive Psychology and NLP by following the links below.

Entrepreneur Wellbeing Coach Victoria Ward draws a diagram explaining the coaching process


Identifying the actions to create success.

A lady closes her eyes quietly as she listens to a hypnosis track


Unlocking the potential of your subconscious mind.

Entrepreneur Coach Victoria Ward plans in a cafe behind a stack of books


Optimizing human behaviour and communication.

Entrepreneur Wellbeing Coach Victoria Ward stands amid tall grasses, hands on her hips

Positive Psychology

The science of human happiness.

These are the main tools that I use to get outstanding results with my clients. Alongside these I may also teach and utilize: Mindfulness, meditation, creative visualizations, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), EMDR/EMI trauma release therapy, journalling, and straight up neuroscience.

What might an entrepreneur like you
need some support with…

Your health is suffering because you’ve not quite figured out how to balance work with rest

You feel isolated and alone and like you have to take on all the pressures and stress of your business on your own

You hold back on marketing your services because you’re afraid to be visible and vulnerable

Your head is so busy that you struggle to sleep and feel exhausted all day

You know that issues in your childhood continue to limit you and hold you back from thriving and succeeding

Public speaking terrifies you, so you shy away from it even though it would improve your business’ success

You constantly compare yourself to your competitors and find yourself lacking

Perfectionism is crippling your business and preventing your from moving forward

I could go on and on with these! There are any number of reasons why you might be struggling as an entrepreneur, and you know what – they’re all perfectly normal! 

Some examples*


Sally runs a successful business in the clothing trade. She came to see me initially because of a tight knot in her stomach that put her on edge and prevented her from relaxing and working to the best of her ability. She explained how she was having difficulty managing a disruptive member of her team who performed brilliantly but bullied other staff members.

Over the course of a few sessions we  discovered the root cause of her inability to resolve the situation, and reprogrammed her brain to allow her to approach the challenge with a more successful strategy. We continued to work together to help her confront some personal issues in her relationship, improve relations with her eldest son, and to create a new direction for her business that would bring more joy to her working day.


Tara was just going in to the second year of being in business with her copywriting company when she got in touch with me. She was on the edge of closing it down and going back to the 9-5 job that she’d been so desperate to escape a year earlier. Her business was floundering and so was her relationship with her children. As a single mum, Tara was having to put her children in childcare far more frequently than she wanted to, and was worried that it was negatively affecting their behaviour.

Tara suffered from severe bullying as a schoolchild and this was still having an impact on her confidence speaking with new people, and in particular in asking them for money. She didn’t feel that she was good enough, and suffered from impostor syndrome.

Because of this, she was working longer and longer hours to try to prove that she was successful, but was feeling more and more stressed out and resentful because of it. 

Together we changed her perception of the past events so that she could let go of the shame she felt, and see that she had a lot to offer. She relaxed, developed a system to work smarter not harder, and began to prioritise spending time with her kids. This made her feel happier, and meant that she enjoyed her time at work again. Tara is still running her business and it is thriving!


Mark was overworked and overwhelmed when we met at a networking event. His home life was suffering and he was irritable and snappy with his kids. He permanently felt like he was letting everyone down, and that he couldn’t afford to slow down with work even though his wife was asking him to. At home he was glued to his phone, constantly checking emails and taking calls, and he had noticed that his children had stopped asking him to play with them. To unwind he was drinking a bottle of wine to himself at the end of every day, leading to poor sleep and feeling exhausted during the day.

We worked on how he could prioritize his health, which underpins everything, and fit in time to relax each day and allow himself to find pleasure outside of work. Mark saw how he had never felt like he was good enough for his dad when he was a child, which pushed him to feel like he had to always be doing more and achieving more. It wasn’t too hard for him to let go of that need to please his parents, once he realized that as an adult he didn’t need that anymore! Mark and I carried on working together for many months as I supported him through the changes.

*Case studies based on real clients, names changed here.


I was totally stuck when a friend recommended I call Victoria. I had been struggling with motivation to work and was unhappy with what I was producing. Victoria gently guided me through the things that were limiting me (my own beliefs!!), and helped me to establish good practices to get me back on track.

Victoria provided me with clarity on how to solve some important issues that I was having with my business. I recognise now how I was putting obstacles in my own way to success.
Thank you, Victoria!

Victoria is AWESOME! Every call I showed up with something different that was challenging me and every time Victoria helped me to work through it with compassion, insight and humour. Don’t miss the fantastic opportunity to work with her!