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Taking business owners and creative entrepreneurs from where they are to where they want to be.

Transform fear into faith, self-doubt into self-belief, being stuck into being in flow, and feeling like there’s never enough time and money into ease, affluence and freedom.

Hypnosis and Coaching for Business & Entrepreneurs

I work with business owners, entrepreneurs and creative individuals to bring about more success, happiness, fulfilment and freedom.

The most important element in the success of your business is YOU. Using hypnosis to access and re-condition your subconscious mind, I can help you to reach your goals and increase your contentment in life. You and your business can thrive, when you evolve beyond where you are right now. My blend of hypnosis and coaching can guide you to doing this.

What I do.

Want to know what your problem is?

It’s you.

Or to be more precise, a part of you – your subconscious mind.

That’s the part of you that is in control of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. It’s the part of you that keeps you paralyzed by perfectionism and frozen in fear of failure.

It’s the part of you that makes you doubt your worth, questions the plausibility of achieving your goals, and tells your exactly what is – or isn’t – possible for you.

It’s the part of you that keeps you up at night, that hits the snooze button in the morning, that makes you sweat when you’ve got to speak in public.

It’s the part of you that procrastinates and that repeats destructive habits that bring suffering to you and those your love.

This is the part that hypnosis can reach.

All the five-year plans, executive business coaches and positive thinking mantras aren’t going to get you results if your subconscious isn’t on the same page.

What’s got you this far, isn’t going to get you where you want to be. It’s going to get you exactly. where. you. are. Because what you have is evidence of what your subconscious wants. And if you’re not where you want to be yet, then there is work to be done!

Our collaboration is about getting your subconscious to work for you instead of against you. It’s about diving deep in there and tinkering, teasing, gently manipulating and sometimes down right demanding that it step into line.

It’s about creating a blueprint of the you that you want to be. The you that has what you – conscious, adult you – wants. It’s about re-conditioning and re-patterning your subconscious so that it wants that for you to. Because with your subconscious on your side, so much more is possible.

What got you where you are is what keeps you where you are

Coach and Hypnotherapist Victoria Ward in a field of tall grasses

Which is where
I come in

I’m Victoria Ward, Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach.

I am passionate about making deep, long-lasting internal change in my clients, that creates radical external results in their lives.

90% (or more) of your behaviour is driven by the subconscious, out of your reach and out of your control.

My superpower lies in helping you go deep into your subconscious mind and removing hidden mental and emotional blocks – that you might not even be aware of – that silently sabotage your success in life, love or business.

If you’re ready for that. Then let’s talk.

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The Latest

The subconscious deals in words and pictures. Here are my latest.

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My Hours. My Time. My journey to running my own business.

Before I retrained as a therapist, I worked in London as a magazine editor. It was a great job, with great colleagues and good pay. I loved the question at parties or meeting new people: “So, what do you do?”
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What are you prioritising?

If your mental health hits rock bottom, and your physical health reaches breaking point from a lack of adequate self care, then everything else that you've built upon it while ignoring the signs of weakening from below, will tumble.
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If Only…

Have you ever said "If only…" If only I was smarter… If only I was prettier... If only I'd gone to university… If only I had worked harder… If only I had more friends... If only I had a partner... If only I'd had children... If only I had said yes that time…

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What is hypnosis like? (part 1)

While I use an intuitive blend of therapies and methods designed to bring about neurological changes, hypnosis is usually the one that draws most people’s curiosity.

Hypnotic work can be done eyes open or closed. It can take the form of what seems to be a normal conversation, or it might be a technique that is conducted in a deeper, more trance-like way. There are rarely any swinging watches though!

Among other more conscious interventions that I might use, we will often do what would be considered traditional hypnosis.

A traditional hypnosis session – which is like a guided meditation – involves three parts. These are the induction, suggestion, and re-orientation.

During the induction, which can last from a few seconds up to ten minutes or more, your mind and body are encouraged to relax and your focus and attention becomes directed inwards. The aim is to quieten the conscious mind and draw the subconscious attention to my voice and the meaning contained within the words I am saying. There are different induction techniques, and different people will respond better to different ones. It might be that you suit a progressive relaxation of all your body parts, or for the more resistant an abstract induction designed to confuse the conscious mind into trance can be more effective.

Once in a suitably receptive state, in which you may feel anywhere from lightly to deeply relaxed, I speak directly to your subconscious mind, using the language and structure that it understands. This may mean me taking you through events and scenarios intended to help you address any emotions or behaviours that have been troubling you. Sometimes you may experience these situations as if you are watching them, and sometimes you will experience them as if you are within them. I will also make suggestions to your brain that we have agreed beforehand will be beneficial to you. These will be unique to your needs.

In the re-orientation phase, I will guide you back to being fully alert and awake, making further suggestions for noticing the changes in the time between sessions.