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Mindset Coaching supercharged with Hypnotherapy for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Working for yourself can be a blast. It’s the ultimate goal – you work your own schedule, you’re your own boss, and at the end of the day the profit from your hard work is all yours.

But I know from personal experience that it rarely goes quite like that

Alongside the independence comes exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety and fear. Entrepreneurs are often struggling to juggle a business life with family life. You’re under pressure to balance budgets, impress investors and provide an exceptional service for clients. All while striving to be the partner and parent you always planned to be.

You may struggle with self-confidence and feeling stuck, while trying to appear strong on the outside. Perhaps you play it small, for fear of being visible if you really begin to shine.

Can you really have it all though?

I believe that entrepreneurs work so hard on their businesses, that they let their mental wellbeing suffer. Research shows that more than 92% of entrepreneurs mostly or completely identify themselves and their worth with their business. Their sense of identity outside of their business has been almost completely eroded! This means their relationships suffer, their physical and mental health suffer, and they leave themselves at high risk of burnout, anxiety and depression.

I am passionate about making deep, long-lasting internal change in my clients, that creates radical external results in their lives.

Which is where I come in

I provide a confidential, safe place to explore the realities of your inner world – your personal struggles, your real frustrations, you complex business challenges and people issues, as well as the daunting landscape of entrepreneurship.

Together, we discover how you can more effectively lead yourself and others.

I will help you to re-discover that you already have all you need within yourself. Confidence and courage are your birthright.

Deeper healing, higher impact

I am a qualified and registered Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. I developed my practice on London’s prestigious Harley Street and now work internationally online and face-to-face in North Essex and London.

Confidence and courage are your birthright.

I use the tools of hypnosis, NLP and coaching intuitively alongside therapeutic techniques such as EMDR, EFT, meditation and mindfulness. The work I do is nourished by my fascination with both neuroscience and ancient healing practices.

I use an intuitive blend of coaching and therapy so that you can continue to do the amazing work you’ve been called to do in your life to a higher level of success, while enjoying a more fulfilling personal life, improving your relationships with those you love, and having a happier family.

Transform fear into faith, self-doubt into self-confidence, feeling stuck into being in flow, and feeling like there’s never enough time and money into space, affluence and freedom.

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A little bit about me


  • Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy (The Quest Institute, London)
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD)*
  • Project You Coach Training
  • Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (practitioner)
  • EMDR/EMI Trauma Resolution practitioner
  • MA Print Journalism (University of Westminster)
  • BA English Literature (Sussex University)
  • Member of QCHPA, NCH, CNHC

*The HPD is considered to be the highest hypnotherapy qualification available in the UK, and is held by only one in four hypnotherapy practitioners. It is one of the few independently accredited qualifications, and meets all the Learning Outcomes of the Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Hypnotherapy: National Occupational Standards.

What rocks my world

  • Travel and adventure
  • Photography
  • Books, books and more books
  • The mysteries of the human brain
  • The other mysteries of the world – want a tarot reading?
  • My son, my dog, and my cat
  • Writing. I used to be a magazine editor, now I write the odd article, and had this travel book published. 1000 Places to find Peace and Quiet.

What people say…

Victoria provided me with clarity on how to solve some important issues that I was having with my business. I recognise now how I was putting obstacles in my own way to success.
Thank you, Victoria!

Victoria is AWESOME! Every call I showed up with something different that was challenging me and every time Victoria helped me to work through it with compassion, insight and humour. Don’t miss the fantastic opportunity to work with her!

I was totally stuck when a friend recommended I call Victoria. I had been struggling with motivation to work and was unhappy with what I was producing. Victoria gently guided me through the things that were limiting me (my own beliefs!!), and helped me to establish good practices to get me back on track.

What are you prioritising?

What are you prioritising?

So many of us put our mental and physical health at the bottom of the list of priorities, without realising they are the foundations upon which success is built.
We plough hours and hours into work at the expense of quality sleep, or eat cheap convenience food at the expense of fueling our bodies with good nutrition. Clients often say how they’ll ‘sort it out’ later, and then later I hear how they wish they’d sorted it out earlier.
If your mental health hits rock bottom, and your physical health reaches breaking point from a lack of adequate self care, then everything else that you’ve built upon it while ignoring the signs of weakening from below, will tumble.
Don’t put it off. Find some small action each day that is a little more than the day before. Walk a little further. Learn a little more about what foods serve your body and which foods harm it.
Anything more than nothing is success.
And don’t forget to have some fun while you’re at it!
What do you enjoy doing that you’re not making time for? What did you used to love, but no longer give yourself permission to indulge in? Did you put old hobbies aside because you thought you were ‘too old’ for them or worried what other people might think?
I recently received the message in several forms (In meditation, in a particularly amusing dream, in a helpful conversation with a friend) that I should dance more. While I used to get my dancing needs sated at night clubs in my younger days, those days of dancing until the sun comes up are way behind me.
But I miss it! I really do. So I’ve been putting music on in the morning, and dancing like, as the saying goes, there’s nobody watching. Except my cat and my dog are. And my son, who refuses to join in. It sets me up for the day, it gets me moving. It makes me laugh.
Seek out something that brings you joy, even if just for a moment.