Working Together

I help creative and ambitious business owners to evolve beyond the current limitations set by their subconscious, so that they can live life with more fun and freedom, and less fear and frustration.

Maybe you are procrastinating, self-sabotaging, self-medicating or suffocating your potential. Or perhaps you lack confidence, or pale at the thought of presenting or public speaking.

Maybe stress is building and burnout is threatening to overwhelm you, or your balance between work and home is seriously messed up.

In just 12 weeks, all that could change.

It is my passion to support people like you, so that you can get better results in your personal and professional life. Working with me results in a calmer, more confident, happier and more successful version of you.

Our work empowers you to overcome your fears, doubts and insecurities, leading to breakthroughs in your business and fulfillment in your life.

Whatever you need, the answer lies in your subconscious mind. And I know how to find it.

Transformational Hypnosis & Coaching

Individually-tailored programmes designed to help you make long-lasting changes by providing consistent reinforcement and mental re-conditioning over a period of time to instill new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

My approach uses an intuitive blend of hypnosis, coaching, trauma-informed therapy techniques and spiritual approaches (tailored to your level of spirituality and beliefs).

Executive Retainer: My highest level of service to you. Prices from £1000/month


Self-hypnosis is an incredible tool to influence your subconscious mind, so that it works for you in more productive, efficient and effective ways. It’s like meditation with a goal, meditation supercharged with positive action.

I teach self-hypnosis in my group workshops that are open to the public, as well as in corporate settings.

If you’d like to find out more about my corporate offerings, contact me directly at, or use the ‘Request a Complimentary Consultation’ button above.

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