Working Together

I help creative and ambitious business owners to evolve beyond the current limitations set by their subconscious, so that they can live life with more fun and freedom, and less fear and frustration.

Maybe you are procrastinating, self-sabotaging, self-medicating or suffocating your potential. In just 12 weeks, all that could change.

It is my passion to support people like you, so that you can get better results in your personal and professional life. Working with me results in a calmer, more confident, happier and more successful version of you.

Our work empowers you to overcome your fears, doubts and insecurities, leading to breakthroughs in your business and fulfillment in your life.

Solve et Coagula

The alchemical maxim “Solve et Coagula” means to dissolve and coagulate. To break down, and then be re-set, like the caterpillar that must completely dissolve itself into cosmic goo before being reborn as a butterfly.

This is the basis of my work. To unravel those tangled and knotted threads of the subconscious that are keeping you stuck, before knitting them back together into something altogether more exciting. This is the alchemist’s work of turning lead into gold.

Solve et Coagula: In-depth Transformational Coaching

A three+ month individual coaching program designed to help you make long-lasting changes by providing consistent reinforcement and mental re-conditioning over a period of time to instill new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

My approach uses an intuitive blend of coaching, hypnosis, trauma-informed therapy techniques and spiritual approaches.

The program includes:  extended initial session,  three 1-hour sessions per month, tailored tasking between sessions, bespoke guided hypnosis meditations and email access to me for laser coaching if required.

Solve et Coagula: High-impact intensive

A two-day deep-dive into your psyche, to discover what’s within that’s keeping you stuck. These intensives are deeply healing, challenging and highly-rewarding. This is the re-boot that you’ve been looking for.

The intensive will be individually tailored to your needs, following an initial intention-setting online session. The two full-day immersion will be followed by a further online session to consolidate and integrate the healing and learning.