• COACHING for Entrepreneurs

    Coach and Hypnotherapist Victoria Ward

What is coaching?

If you think about coaching, you probably think about professional sportspeople. However, most high achieving individuals have a coach on call to help them overcome challenges, enhance their mindset and more fully achieve their potential.

Victoria Ward is a professional mindset coach using a toolbox of techniques and finely tuned intuition to help empower entrepreneurs in their personal and professional life.

A coach helps to guide an individual through challenges as they arise, identifying limiting patterns of thought and encouraging their client to utilise their inner resources to overcome obstacles. A coach helps their client to create goals, and plan actionable steps that can be taken towards reaching those goals.

Victoria is not your ordinary coach. Victoria superpowers her coaching skills with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, allowing her to resolve deep-rooted psychological stumbling blocks that a coach does not have the experience or the expertise to approach.

A great coach is trained to actively listen to their client, using a variety of questioning techniques to uncover deeper layers of information that can used to drive movement forward and create success.


Identifying the steps towards creating success.


Unlocking the potential of your subconscious mind.


Optimising your verbal and non-verbal communication.

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