What attendees say about Victoria’s workshops. . .

“It was much easier to go deeper than meditation ever has for me.”

“It was my first experience of hypnosis and the way Victoria demystified the process was really interesting.”

“Such a simple process to switch your mind to be in a state of calm and clarity. Even with distractions around me I was able to be present. Amazing! .”

“A really accessible introduction to self hypnosis.”

“This workshop was such an eye opening experience. It felt like an intense meditation, but one which had a focus.”

“I’d never previously had any experience of hypnosis so I was amazed at the difference just a short session made to my energy and outlook. Victoria was the perfect guide for the experience. ”

“Even with just a short taster session I can see the huge benefit of self hypnosis for all aspects of busy life. Being able to be calm and have clarity when the world is spinning is essential for me to be healthy and happy. I loved it.”


Join Hypnotherapist and Mindset Consultant Victoria Ward for a practical and immersive workshop teaching you self-hypnosis skills that you can put to use to develop more positive beliefs and attitudes towards leadership and running a business, as well as in your own personal life.

You will learn new tools and techniques that you will practice during the event. This workshop is ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers at any stage of their development.

I think of self-hypnosis as meditation with a goal. It’s a powerful way of directing your subconscious mind towards creating the thoughts, attitudes and behaviours that work for you as a business leader.

Hypnosis is a tool that is being increasingly used by high-level executives and leaders from all professions as an aid to personal and professional development.

Learning the skills of self-hypnosis give you a tool for reaching your goals, managing your mental state and increasing your capabilities. Whether you want to make better decisions, improve your productivity, manage your stress levels or expand your problem solving skills, self-hypnosis could be the key.


The two-hour live workshop will teach you self-hypnosis skills you need to get started with this wonderful tool for wellbeing and performance.

You will be guided into a safe hypnotic state and learn how to induce it within yourself using several different methods.

Learn how to form hypnotic suggestions that the subconscious will respond to.

Learn how to use this state and these suggestions in relation to leadership and your professional environment.

Learn how to anchor this state so that you can return to it on your own at any time.

We will also explore some of the questions that often arise regarding hypnosis and self-hypnosis, such as the difference between meditation and hypnosis, how to set up your environment for self-hypnosis, the science behind it, and any questions about the safety of hypnosis.

The workshop will run for two hours, with time for a Q&A at the end. You will be learning practical techniques that we will rehearse together during the workshop.

Places are limited so booking is essential.